Online Mandarin Summer Courses!

Are you ready for summer?!

We know that you are probably fed up by all the online classes and meetings in the past few months, BUT Mandarin Matrix’s online summer programs are like no other online courses, and we know you will enjoy our online programs!

Let us introduce you our programs. Mandarin Matrix launched 2 online summer programs for Asia and the U.S.

Asia – Online Mandarin Summer School

The Summer School is designed for children from 3-16 – you will be assigned to different classes base on your age and Chinese proficiency. 

You can choose to join the Summer School for one week or up to three weeks in June to August.

You might wonder what’s so special about the Mandarin Matrix Online Summer School. Here are what make our program special:

  • Fun topics: Our topics are related to everyday life and we’re going to introduce them in an engaging and interactive way.
  • Flexible: 
    • All lessons will be recorded, you can always watch the recording if you missed one, or just as a revision. 
    • We’re also flexible on you joining different classes, as we want you to be exposed to Chinese as much as possible. If you want to revise what you’ve learned before, or if you want a little challenge, you can join the classes one level below or above
  • Sustainable learning
    • Ongoing and proactive learning is what learners need while learning a language.
    • You will get a 6-month subscription to the Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom once you join the program.
    • Our teachers will monitor your learning process for 3 months after the course ended.

Click here for more information about the Asia Online Mandarin Summer School.

U.S. – Summer Talk Virtual Chinese Immersion Camp

The Chinese Immersion Camp is designed for children who are new to Chinese or who are already in a Chinese immersion program. This is a project-based camp, therefore, you don’t just sit in front of the computer and listen. You will have the chance to communicate with a wider cohort of peers and work on a personal language project!

Children will be assigned to different classes base on their Chinese proficiency, each level learn about different topics each week. The topics include:

  • Summer Hobbies
  • Exploration/Adventure
  • The Natural World
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Chinese Ancient and Modern Culture
  • And More!

Highlight of the camp:

  • You will get a chance to speak to peers and teacher across the country.
  • You will work on a personal language project throughout the week to share with the teacher and class. Your project might be “published” with permission to the whole Mandarin Matrix network for others to enjoy!

Click here for more information about the U.S. Summer Talk Virtual Chinese Immersion Camp.

Register now to get the early bird discount. Hope to see you in class soon!