New Partnership Announcement: Asia Society and Mandarin Matrix Team Up to Deliver Chinese Curriculum and Learning Solutions

Asia Society is pleased to announce that Mandarin Matrix, one of the leading Chinese language solution providers, has partnered with Asia Society to provide their Chinese Language Partner Schools with Mandarin Matrix’ customized, cloud-based guided reading solution for learners of Chinese as a second language from kindergarten through to high school.  

Future leaders need to work and participate in a globalized world where China and the U.S. will continue to play dominant roles.  As such, it’s no surprise that Mandarin has become one of the most popular languages to study for a growing number of American students.  Chinese can be a challenging language to master because it is a tonal language made up of thousands of characters and, there are limited teaching and learning resources that target Chinese Foreign Language (CFL) learners.  

The partnership between Mandarin Matrix and Asia Society provides students with early education opportunities to learn Chinese. The Mandarin Matrix curriculum and learning solutions are built on a pedagogically strong foundation, using the principle of spiraled learning in a fun and engaging way to support students in achieving linguistic excellence in the four key language skills.

Mandarin Matrix currently has 40,000 users world-wide. In the US, Utah has adopted Mandarin Matrix in their Chinese programs and the students are thriving with the first few cohorts reaching high levels of proficiency and scoring well on College Board’s AP® Chinese Language and Culture exam. With over 20% of Chinese immersion schools located in Utah, the state has the highest percentage out of all the states of students learning Mandarin in school with approximately 50 Chinese immersion programs and 100 schools offering Chinese courses. 

“Learning Chinese isn’t just about mastering a new language, it’s about creating a gateway to understanding Chinese culture and becoming more globally competent.  By bringing state of the art language learning tools to our Partner School network, Mandarin Matrix will support youth in developing the capacity to see the world from a broader perspective and communicate across cultural divides, precisely what the world needs more of right now.”

“As the number of American students studying Chinese is growing, Chinese language learning solutions are evolving. The partnership with Asia Society is a natural fit to bring our teacher-tested Online Classroom to the Asia Society Network of Schools,” said David Tait, CEO of Mandarin Matrix.  “The foundation for learning is strongest when teachers, students and parents are united.  Mandarin Matrix connects these key stakeholders. “

Asia Society and Mandarin Matrix know that learning Mandarin can make a real difference to students’ lives.  This partnership will open doors to develop real-life skills and create lifelong advantages in the workplace and beyond.

About Asia Society’s Chinese Language Partner Schools

Asia Society’s Chinese Language Partner Schools are a national network of exemplary Chinese language programs selected as Confucius Classrooms through a competitive application process. The network currently comprises more than 35,000 students studying Chinese in more than 100 elementary, middle, and high schools located in 27 states and the District of Columbia.

These schools all have a strong commitment to making their Chinese program a core part of a larger mission to help students become globally competent.  Each Confucius Classroom is linked with a partner school in China to enhance opportunities for language learning and provide students, teachers, and administrators with opportunities to conduct exchanges and joint projects.  The Confucius Classrooms serve as model sites for developing the field of Chinese language teaching in American schools.

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About Mandarin Matrix

Mandarin Matrix (MMX) is an integrated online classroom designed for children learning Chinese as a foreign language. The platform is built around the four key aspects of reading, writing, listening and speaking using a fun and highly interactive interface, proven to be compelling and engaging for students. MMX is a scalable turnkey solution already supporting K-12 Chinese language teaching in US public schools.  

Mandarin Matrix was named as a Technology Implementation Partner in the US-China Strong Foundation’s 1 Million Initiative to develop and leverage technology to improve and increase access to Mandarin language classes.

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