Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom

4,000+ e-interactive activities and games

Convenient, cost-effective and customizable to fit each child’s individual learning needs.

Pre-set exercises and tests enable children and parents to learn together

Students can be set homework to read, complete exercises and play games while learning the ins and outs of the language at home.

Interactive and engaging making learning Mandarin fun

Children can learn on their own time and tailor a program to fit their individual needs.

Comprehensive training and a full range of progress reports

Benefit from thorough online one-to-one training programs, user manuals and full IT support, enabling you to get the most from the marking and classroom reporting system.

Cost effective and multi-curricula

Just one licence provides access to over 300 readers, covering the required characters and vocabulary which aligns with Common Core, FLES, FLEX, AP, IB, iGCSE and YCT as well most other curricula. The Mandarin Matrix online classroom also includes a range of games, activities and assessments, to be accessed anytime and anywhere.


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