Theme-Based Readers

Theme-based Readers

240 story books ranging from beginner to advanced, the Theme-based Readers are divided into 6 colour-coded levels. Entertaining stories engage the student while introducing new vocabulary, Chinese characters and grammar in a systematic way.

Highlight: Multi-curricula - aligned with AP, IB, (PYP, MYP), HSK, GCSE, Common Core and STEM

Using a theme based approach with over 1,600 characters that are common to most curricula worldwide, readers start with basic vocabulary and develop through to the most advanced storylines with complex historical and mythological Chinese tales.

Structured around Megathemes

Highlight: Words introduced in lower levels are revisited and extended upon in higher levels throughout the series. Each Reader has been developed with no English or Pinyin in the body of the book, but with a full trilingual vocabulary list at the back.

Highlight: Bring the class together with Chinese Reader Big Books

Large versions of Chinese Readers levels 1, 2 and 3. Designed for use in group teaching environments, Big Books are designed to help with pronunciation and character recognition.


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