Dual Language Immersion

Mandarin Matrix Dual Language Immersion teaching materials

Developed in partnership with the University of Utah Confucius Institute, the Readers and Online Classroom have been designed for dual language immersion programs, teaching children from Foundation through Novice to Intermediate level.

Proficiency Builders for Foundation to Intermediate Level

Featuring everyday tales based on the real-life settings of family, school and playtime. New and repeated scope and sequence vocabulary in different contexts and Rebus images are used to expand storytelling, spiraling upwards to build language proficiency.

Innovative Teacher's Packs and Work Sheets

Designed to aid lesson planning for each reader by highlighting the main teaching points, including key grammatical concepts, learning objectives, outcome assessment and related readers.

Reinforcing learning outcomes

10 Foundation units comprised of three separate readers: One for the teacher, one for the student and one for the class as a whole. 10 units for Novice 1-3, with three readers per unit, a total of 30 books per grade. 10 units for Intermediate 1, with three chapters per unit, a total of 10 books per grade. The same vocabulary used across three books/chapters to ensure repetition and variety of contexts to reinforce learning outcomes.


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