Online Mandarin Summer School in ASIA

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Let’s refresh your Mandarin this summer

Mandarin Matrix has developed an online course in ASIA to help students sharpen their Mandarin communication skills while they are at home. Make the best of your children’s time by joining this course. The package includes a 4-day intensive course + 6-month subscription to our Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom (1200+ books)

Every day your child will have 45-minute live sessions + 30 minutes homework (Age 3-7 storytelling for 30 minutes and no homework)

When is this Mandarin camp?

Dates in ASIA – Time: GMT+8, countries in the same time zone. 

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Mandarin online classes

Who is this Mandarin camp for?

Our courses are designed for K-12 students especially for ages 8-16 from all levels. For young children age 3-7, they can join our storytelling time. All children are very welcome to join us if they are looking for fun learning! 

Our teachers and teaching assistants will support and assess each student’s progress. We can always make adjustment to ensure students are in the right level and fully enjoy their classes.

After you sign up, we will place you into the right level: Beginner, Intermediate-low, Intermediate-high, and Advanced.


Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom is widely used in international schools and schools in the US.  We provide teachers and students with more than 1200 online readers and supplementary Chinese materials, which fit most of the major Chinese curricula.

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Live lessons

We will run 4 live lessons for each level during the week of the course. Listening, speaking, and to learn about the usage of Mandarin will be the focus of the course. Each lesson will contain two parts: a lecture part and speaking activity time.

During the week, we will go through the following topics, which are included in all major curricula. Hence, no matter which curriculum the students are taking at school, they can review these topics, and also there’s definitely something new for them to learn.

The session time will be Storytelling 10:30 am, Beginner 11:30 am, Intermediate – Low 2:30 pm, Intermediate – High 3:30 pm, and Advanced 4:30 pm (GMT+8). If students are interested in taking two live sessions a day (for example, one Beginner’s and one Intermediate), they are welcomed to do so.

The course follows Hong Kong time which is GMT+8. This course is good for kids in Asia (countries with the same timezone). If you are looking for a course in the US, we have another course:

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Continuous self-paced learning

Your child will have access to the Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom once the course started. Learn Mandarin anytime, anywhere!

The Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom offers an integrated range of learning tools that have been designed to be user-friendly and engaging, allowing each student to follow their individual learning journey. It allows students to practice their reading, writing, listening, and speaking both in the classroom and independently at home.

We will keep supporting your child’s Chinese learning even after the course ended. Every week, we will assign three level-appropriate readers to your child’s Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom account. We will supervise and mark your child’s work for another three months.

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Where is it?

We will meet you online. Before the online camp starts, you will receive an orientation video and our class syllabus.

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What will you get?

  • Review topics and content that are taught at school.
  • Study self-learning content to sharpen 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The teachers will keep monitoring the progress until 3 months after the course.
  • Join live sessions to interact with experienced and professional teachers.
  • Interact and collaborate with classmates from all over the world.
  • 6-month subscription to Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom to access our 1200+ books online in both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. 
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