Mandarin Matrix and Calm Island Sign Agreement to Develop Exciting New Mandarin Education Program for Young Learners

Mandarin Matrix today announced that it has entered into an agreement with innovative educational company Calm Island, developers of the popular educational brand Badanamu, to develop a Mandarin program for early learners. The program, Badanamu Chinese, which will focus on learners from 0 to 6 years old, is scheduled to be available from June 2019.  It will bring together Mandarin Matrix’s tried-and-tested curriculum with Badanamu’s well-known and loved characters and contents, to create an exciting new product for the Mandarin learning market.

Badanamu has already had huge global success with the Badanamu English Literacy Program for 12 months – 8 years old featuring the character of Bada and friends. With almost 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, 1.5 billion YouTube views and over 5 billion total VOD views, their collection of engaging and fun songs and videos are helping children globally to learn English.  The Badanamu Cadets television show premiered on major broadcasters in Europe, Korea, and Vietnam in late 2018 with premieres expected in other major markets, such as China, Thailand, the Middle East, Russia and Africa in 2019.

“Our whole team is looking forward to the challenge of building on our experience and success in the English language and literacy market and expanding this to Mandarin,” Said David Roberts, CEO of Badanamu. “Our new Mandarin program will follow Badanamu’s proven methodology, and use emotional engagement as a driver for natural language acquisition. We know that the approach to learning Mandarin is very different and that’s why we are happy to be teaming up with the experts at Mandarin Matrix to make this happen.”

Mandarin Matrix is one of the world’s leading companies for teaching children from K-12 Mandarin as a second language. It was launched in 2007 and currently helps more than 30,000 children worldwide learn Mandarin using the Online Classroom which boasts 700 stories and 5,000 exercises to support language acquisition.

“It is a well-known and researched fact that young children’s brains are perfectly placed to adapt to and pick-up a second language, even one as complex as Mandarin Chinese” said David Tait, CEO of Mandarin Matrix “We are really excited to be involved in the new Badanamu Chinese product, which we believe will help make this a fun and exciting learning journey for the youngest of learners.”

The new product, which is scheduled for initial release in June 2019, will feature digital, animated and physical elements similar to the Badanamu English language program but will reflect the unique way in which young learners acquire Mandarin orally, aurally and visually.