Mandarin Matrix is available through schools which have signed up for the Mandarin Matrix program covering both print and digital products. Please check with your school to make sure that the school hasn’t already subscribed to Mandarin Matrix. If your school is interested in joining the program, please email us at enquiries@mandarinmatrix.com or call +852 2201 9725.

The 240 Mandarin Matrix Chinese Readers are organised into six color-coded levels – Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown and Red, ranging from beginner, to intermediate and advanced. Each level consists of 40 titles which are available in simplified or traditional Chinese.

The Chinese Readers are suitable for children aged 4 years and above. Students begin with the Orange level books (level 1) and work their way up until they reach the Red level books (level 6). At the back of each book there is a list of key vocabulary with English translation and Pinyin to help students familiarise themselves with the meaning of the new Chinese words learned and reinforce pronunciation respectively.

Yes. Mandarin Matrix has an established online training program that guides teachers through the key aspects of the classroom and explains how to maximize the reporting tools for individuals and classes. The classroom also hosts a series of detailed user manuals written specifically for students, teachers and parents. Licence holders may also contact enquiries@mandarinmatrix.com for further information.

The Max and Mei series is perfect for young children aged 2 to 8 years. It is written by Martha Keswick, a renowned writer of children’s books in Asia. Parents are encouraged to read more Chinese storybooks to their children to help build their listening skills and understanding of Mandarin.

Mandarin Matrix Chinese Readers and other Mandarin Matrix products may be purchased online through our website www.mandarinmatrix.org.

We do not sell Mandarin Matrix Chinese Readers individually, however you can buy them by color-coded level, each containing 40 books or as a complete set of 240 readers.

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