Corporate Scholarship Project

The Mandarin Matrix Corporate Scholarship project has been developed as the result of a fusion of aspirations between education departments around the world wanting to introduce effective Mandarin programs and global businesses wishing to engage more with the communities in which they work. This innovative program is designed to help local children develop Mandarin language proficiency and provide them with essential language skills for their future.

Using the Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom, which is specifically designed for children learning Mandarin as a foreign language, Mandarin Matrix is able to act as the facilitator between the education departments and global businesses.

By bringing them both together and organizing the administration of the projects, Mandarin Matrix has already set up successful Corporate Scholarship Projects in places as far apart as the USA and New Zealand, which are already making a big difference in their communities.

If you would like to know more about our Corporate Scholarship Project and how your company can be involved, please email your contact details to: