“The cartoons are gimmicky and funny and help me to learn… online I can practise my calligraphy and improve my skills.”
– Remi Lever, 13, student, South Island School, Hong Kong (source: Hong Kong Tatler, 2015)


Classmate Kabelan Arrumugam, 12, who has also been following the programme, says he likes the way he can use Pinyin and English to progress by himself until he can recognise unfamiliar Chinese characters. He’s busy spending his gold coins on a game called Chef’s Helper. “I like cooking at home,” he explains. (source: Hong Kong Tatler, 2015)



“Learning Chinese is a huge commitment for most non-native speakers. The task is even more daunting for children. Mandarin Matrix, as a powerful online course, significantly reduces the burden of repetitive drills and often adds pleasant flavour to the learning process.

Mandarin Matrix, or the “MM” as fondly called by our students, develops language skills through its vast lesson bank of 600 (check the number) Chinese readers, covering absolute beginners to near native speakers aged 4 to 18. The system incorporates sound pedagogical practice and the latest research findings to provide engaging lessons for classroom use, yet it also caters for intuitive learners to progress completely on their own. A varieties of well designed games easily grasp the attention of children and adults alike, who are challenged and at the same time assured opportunities of success through the innovative scoring system. Our teachers particularly like the automatic reporting system which delivers scores and completion check directly to their inbox.

Walking into any of our Chinese classrooms, one can always find a group of young students immersed in the MM, either with a serious face prior to the epic win, or with a heartening smile to the vividly animated screen, while the story streams from the headphones. In many schools the MM is an established component of home learning. It is a valuable assistant to parents, particularly those who do not speak Chinese.

As a fine example of modern learning technology, the MM has played an important role in our curriculum ever since its beta version. At its current stage, the language content of many international curriculum is covered, such as the IGCSE, SAT, IB, and the Hanban’s Chinese syllabus. Endorsement by the Hanban and Cambridge certainly adds strength to the programme. With the wave of Chinese learning spreading far and deep, the MM will continue to play a key role in the field.”
– Wang Xiaoping, Advisor, English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong


“…a great online learning tool for Mandarin study. It’s interactive, fun and challenging. My students enjoy listening to the stories, earning enough coins to play games… I highly appreciate it and recommend it as an overseas Mandarin teacher!”
– Hermione Zhang, Mandarin teacher, Bandung Alliance International School, Indonesia


“My students love the program very much! It keeps their motivation and interest of learning Chinese high. Thank you again for your time and help!”
– Jessica Gong, Chinese teacher, Ross School, United States


“It’s a good resource for monitoring the children’s progress, I can see how long it takes a student to complete a task. The more [online] books they finish, the more ‘coins’ they make to exchange for other ‘goods’.”
– Echo Huang, Chinese teacher, South Island School, (source: Hong Kong Tatler, 2015)


“…a wonderful learning platform for children to read, practice and play with Chinese. It makes Chinese learning much easier and funnier! We love it!”
– Clara Li, Assistant Head of Chinese and Admin, Shanghai United International School, China


“Teachers like the colour coded levelled series, because it’s easy for them to differentiate. Students like the series because it’s colourful, the characters are attractive to this age group, the stories are matching to their proficiency level and they can manage the reading by themselves without extra help.”
– Penny Pan, Director of Chinese Studies, CDNIS, Hong Kong


“Children are given an allotted time to get through the readers and tasks, so the teacher can pinpoint those children in need of extra help.”
– Echo Huang, Chinese teacher, South Island School, (source: Hong Kong Tatler, 2015)


“I particularly like the high production values of these books – they look good and have been carefully thought out to provide progression from reading single words to whole books. Meanwhile the high quality of the visual information not only assists children in decoding the text but gives an excellent springboard to talk about the Chinese culture.”
– Helen Lewis, Chinese teacher, University of Warwick, United Kingdom


“The whole Mandarin Matrix program has been very motivational. The students are totally engaged and find the material interesting and challenging”.
– Rob Stewart, Principal of Etonhouse, China


“Thank you millions for your effort in promoting Chinese study and in making Chinese learning fun and inspiring.”
– Jean Zhai, Head of Chinese, Kennedy School, Hong Kong



“The Max and Mei series are fun, humorous and are beautifully illustrated.”
– Beth Ann Lim, Mother


The press

“An enquiry-based Putonghua course created in Hong Kong, is taking the world by storm.”
Annemarie Evans (source: Hong Kong Tatler, 2015)


“These simple bedtime stories on Chinese zodiac theme help build vocabulary and speaking ability. Kids will learn colours, how to tell the time, names of animals and other useful words and phrases.”
– (Source: Parents Journal)