Mandarin MatrixTM comprises a collection of educational products that support Chinese language teaching and learning in classroom environments and also outside the classroom. Each product below can either be used alone or to complement a school’s existing Chinese language offering.

  • Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom

    Learn and play with Mandarin MatrixTM. Interactive, fun and challenging. Excellent support tool for teachers. Target learning of 2500+ Chinese characters. Winner of US 2013 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award.

  • Chinese Readers

    240 story books ranging from beginner to advanced and divided into 6 color-coded levels (Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown, Red). Stories are fun, fresh and engaging to introduce new vocabulary, Chinese characters and grammar in a systematic way.

  • Teacher’s Pack

    Two sets consisting of Five Steps to Guided Reading and Reader Index; 240 lesson-planning sheets designed to integrate the Chinese Readers into a PYP curriculum or curricula of your school.

  • Big Books

    They are enlarged versions of the Chinese Readers for use in group teaching environments. There are 48 big books available in simplified and traditional Chinese. Each big book consists of 5 stories.

  • Flashcards

    Designed to be used at home for young children, you can introduce and reinforce your child’s character acquisition. There are over 400+ Chinese characters to be learned from these flashcards.

  • Max and Mei

    Bilingual series designed to strengthen young children’s Mandarin comprehension skills through engaging story books, audio books, activity books and game cards.

  • Pangu

    Chinese comic series designed to help intermediate to advanced readers reinforce and build on their Chinese vocabulary and reading skills.

  • Jeri Telstar

    Jeri Telstar, the brainchild of Nury Vittachi, has many young viewers worldwide. Jeri Telstar, known as The Homework Hero, has learned an amazing secret: knowledge is power. Look out for the next Jeri Telstar Writing Competition this year!

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  • CDNIS Chinese Studies Department in primary school has been using Mandarin Matrix reading series for the last 3 years as our reading programme. Teachers like the color coded leveled series because it's easy for them to differentiate. Students like the series because it's colorful, the characters are attractive to this age group, the stories are matching to their proficiency level, they can manage the reading by themselves without extra help.

    - Penny Pan Director of Chinese Studies, CDNIS
  • “My students, especially the 5th grade, love the program very much! It keeps their motivation and interest of learning Chinese high. This program is also a good supplement for our current curriculum. Thank you again for your time and help!”

    - Jessica Gong, Chinese teacher, Ross School, United States
  • “I particularly like the high production values of these books – they look good and have been carefully thought out to provide progression from reading single words to whole books. Meanwhile the high quality of the visual information not only assists children in decoding the text but gives an excellent springboard to talk about the Chinese culture.”

    - Helen Lewis, Chinese teacher, University of Warwick, United Kingdom